Corporate and Legal paperwork made easier.

For truckers, the most important job is to drive the cargo safely across the country; this activity requires a number of official documents to prove to the authorities that no illegal practices are being carried out.

Documents are not only necessary for the carried load but also for the driver, such as social security information, driver’s license, and a few others. These documents are a must to initially start trucking, and hence most people have them. The documentation assistance that is offered by truck dispatch concerns more than the logistical documentation that requires a substantial amount of time that would be wasted if a trucker were to undertake it.

Most drivers find it confusing to complete paperwork and documentation as they require quaint knowledge of not only legal requirements but also different industrial demands for paper and specialized documents for carrying various different kinds of cargo.

Documentation is important for keeping a record of all the movement of goods in the country. With the digitalization of the documentation process, more and more time is needed to firstly fill the digital copy and then to get printouts to carry them along on the ride. The common documentation that tuckers need to handle can be categorized under two heads:

  • Mandatory Legal documentation: These documents include certain documents that have been mandated by the United States Department Of Transportation and mainly include W-9(proof of taxation), SAFETY/DOT compliance certificate, or other proof(vehicle safety) and Vehicle insurance documentation.
  • Service-Oriented Documentation: Before the cargo actually leaves for its proper destination deal is made between the client and the service provider that includes a lot of documents relating to deal negotiation, finally decided total, brokering, carriage-relating documents, etc.

The main reason to trust with documentation is that we offer professional documentation arrangement and easy availability of the documents whenever needed. Our team possesses substantial experience in trucking paperwork and also helps to easily communicate and share documents with your clients so that they can also rest assured about their goods.

So, Instead of worrying about so many different documentation requirements, it’s wiser to let our documentation experts handle it for you that provide you with complete information and all relevant documents that you should carry with you on the way.

The reason you should choose truck dispatch’s documentation services is a one-to-one communication policy in which you can easily communicate with our documentation team in regards to any paperwork requirement that you might have and get them to resolve as early as possible.