Truckers today understand there are so many more facets to the logistics and trucking business than just loading, driving, and delivering. And not all of these aspects are pretty. When we started Truck Dispatch Services INC., we genuinely wanted to understand these somewhat unfavourable aspects of trucking which might get in the way of America’s trucking momentum. Throughout these years, we have worked on recognizing, outlining, and eliminating most of these factors for the optimum productivity of our trucker heroes.

Our exceptional accounting and billing services ensure you get your fair pay for the exemplary services you deliver. With experts backing you up on every step in maintaining the accounts and invoices for your services, you not only save yourself time and energy but also get that much-deserved convenience in taxing. A solid financial foundation has you armed for tax laws and regulations in the logistics industry, assured your business’s revenue in-flow and future growth prospects. You need services you know can count on to give you a feasible, stress-free and personalized experience as you are busy acing the American roads much ahead of your competition.

Accounting and billing don’t need to be a frustrating and complicated process. Given a systematic approach and transparent execution, it can propel your business forward whilst saving your precious dollars all along. Your billing system, in the end, is the representation of the services you delivered and what you charged for the same. It needs to be crisp, clear and well-drafted. There might be times when you went beyond the scope of your standard services and protocols, and you want to convey the same to the customer in a decent, sincere manner. We help bridge this gap by ascertaining customers’ knowledge of the exact breakdown of your fees, so you don’t have to entangle yourself every time you are expecting your due payment. After all, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and an outstanding business reputation are all critical factors of a successful trading organization.

Our professional commitment to all our truck fleets, owner-operator truckers, and freelance truckers is not limited to mere delivery of sought out services. Your necessities are different, so are your ideas, and that is precisely what we are here to cater to. After initial consultation inputs, you sit back and relax and let the experts steer your way through the intelligent, secure and hassle-free accounting for your trucking business.

Connect with your truck dispatching partners from California, US., to know more about the scope and perks of these services and how exactly can we activate your trucking business in top gear on the long road to success.

Rate negotiation services: You decide your best pay.

“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate. “

The business world can be really harsh at times, and mere survival is not the question one should ever ask. In this mad race, often, your skillset, efficiency, and quality can take a back seat in comparison to money-making, especially when you are a beginner or a small-scale free-lancer in the field, each deal and every penny of the revenue matters to balance your capital investment and plan the growth perspective. We understand the delicacy of the matter, which is why we aim to shoulder your burden, take it off the charts, and put you where you belong, at the top. The strategy of negotiation is an essential business skill one must have up the sleeve not only to get the best worthy pay but to ensure a sense of security for your drivers and clients and stay competitive in your field.

Our emphasis has always been on reflecting what you do best and taking care of the rest, the crucial part of which is taking care of your complicated discussions with clients on best pay for drivers, loading locations, official paperwork needed, and other issues that arise in logistical support hemisphere.

Our goal at the time of negotiating on your behalf is to ensure your best interests. This is guaranteed by our two major considerations at the time of negotiation:

  • Mutual Benefit: Our negotiation experts focus on understanding the needs of both clients and service providers and strike a mutually beneficial and accepted balance to ensure good relations between the parties.
  • Absolute transparency of costs: The overall service costs provided to the client include any and all kinds of overhead charges. No hidden costs exist for the services provided.

To negotiate the trucking services, it is important to understand that logistics are an important part of the national economic turnover. Our negotiation experts guarantee the reception of competitive trucking rates and keep a close eye on the new industry standards on safety that are required to be observed by the drivers. All the efforts put in are to ensure the safety of the cargo and the driver.

In case you are a freelance driver, our negotiation services would benefit you even more, as the client might not be willing to take the services of a freelance trucker, but you can register with us and let us take care of the rest. This allows a free-lancer to develop his own name and opens business prospects in the future.