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How much does a factoring company charge?

Factoring of cargo is a financial advantage received with successfully completed deliveries, By using the bill of reception for the cargo, you can finish the waiting time for dispersal of funds from a client and cash the bill with a factoring agent for some service charges that are charged by the agent. Factoring is sometimes a necessity in case you need the funds from the last order for some immediate expenditure. Factoring of the cargo offers you about 97% to 99% off the actual bill of reception. Factoring works on similar lines as any other financial tool as it is based on paying funds in the assurance of collection of funds from a different source after the ending of the payment period. Being a financial tool load factoring requires certain qualifications to be met for applying a cargo under factoring. The qualification criteria differ for different agencies, but the services offered by them are after consideration of some basic factors common to all of them, that are as follows:

  1. The total invoice volume is seen by your firm on a monthly basis.
  2. The number of clients that your firm caters to on a regular basis.
  3. The days in which the invoice matures and the client pays the amount
  4. The overall financial situation of your business.

After carefully analyzing these factors, the agent or the factoring firm makes an offer to you to factor in the bills that were registered with them.

Factoring of the invoices is advantageous to all the parties involved as the driver or delivering firm that might be running low on the capital fund can immediately generate funds using such bills and stay afloat, the factoring concern gains from the service expenses he charges from the driver as they turn to be the profit when the firm receives the payment from customer and finally the customer enjoys the enhanced experience of dealing with the professional organization rather than dealing with a driver or a small logistics firms.

Factoring services offered by truck dispatch is unique as it has been carefully crafted for the benefit of all the parties and has one of the lowest service costs in the industry. The factoring of invoice bills can be made easier by visiting the truck dispatch services’ website and looking at our factoring service section for more information.

How to get factoring setup?

Factoring is an important part for your trucking business as you have just started your trucking journey and no one wants to run out of funds. At TRUCK DISPATCH SERVICES INC. We understand the challenges you face while take-off you’re trucking business. We are premium partner with most trusted and renowned factoring companies in U.S. and you get your factoring setup quick and hassle free with us.

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