In the era of such fast paced evolution in modern-day civilization, the logistics and trucking services are the agents enabling this growth. Truck Dispatch Services INC. is an initiative aiding our heroic agents with everything they need for a smooth sailing, standing and evolving with them since last ten years.

You drive; we navigate.

Your driving, handling, and quality are where your customers are hooked, and they deserve nothing less but excellence.

Organized, up-to-the-minute, and detail-oriented truck dispatching services to assist you every step of the way. Our dispatchers are always on their toes to navigate you in the best possible manner, ensuring you never have to worry about deadlines again.

Because revenue matters

We know you care, and we know you deliver. Our services speak for you, and so should your revenue. Stable flow of resources and business ensure you focus on what you do the best, seamless and effortless trucking.

You need truck dispatching services that understand this and provide you with an elevated platform, our clients and so many more can see and appreciate.

Let’s face it, in the end, it’s a revenue game, a game no one is looking to lose.

Why stop growing?

Remember the vision you had when you started? Yep! That vision is all we need to channel.
Your dispatching partner maps out your way through the ridges of unexplored opportunities, increases your visibility, and optimizes the scope of improvement all along the way to your objective.

Establish fixed and authentic consumer sources of your trucking services and accordingly align your scaling up. Stop tangling yourself and your business in the web of administrative and organizational formalities. It’s hampering your journey to reach the best of your potential You belong to the operations of trucking; leave the hassles of papers to us.

Expand. Improve. Execute.

It is more than “just business.”

Randomly drafted numbers don’t define the way you care about your business, the hope, and the ambition with which you got into logistics.

We understand that, which is why we focus on why you stand out. What makes you different. What do you need, and how can we help manifest that. This aids us in finding the right pool of service-seekers for our clients, thus beautifully managing the working compatibility.


We believe in fair business practices and always look forward for the long lasting business with our clients.

we charge a flat 5% dispatch on your old/new MC .


We understand the trucking industry very well and always do the needful.

Our team is available 24x7 to support you while you drive.

It’s no rocket science, really. A dispatcher takes the additional load of formalities like paperwork, negotiations, and regulatory demands. It provides you with a wide range of back-end support. Thus, helping in the management of business and optimization of available resources. We handle all your difficult discussions and negotiations with brokers and shippers so that you get the best deal of your worth. Your smooth and efficient handling of operations and filled pockets is our core agenda.

Uhmmm ….yeahh..No.
Wait…Hear us out. There’s more to the surface than it seems. To hire a competent candidate, you would need to go through a pretty extensive, rigorous, and not to mention time-consuming recruitment process. And just in case it involves headhunting, more money. The further training of operations and providing in-house office space further adds to the monetary aspect. On the contrary, hiring a trustworthy dispatching service with a long-standing experience , expertise, and network in the market reflects on the quality of your business and weight of your pockets. Our testimonials since last ten years speak for itself in that matter. Simple picture; simple call.